Employment Law

We are legal professionals with strong experience in HR tasks and various business operations. We understand the everyday challenges of human resource management, so you can expect comprehensive services for the entire lifecycle of employment relationships from us. 

Human resource management and HR work involve more than just employment law. Employment law is closely connected to a consistent and equitable HR management perspective, actions, and communication.

Our services include: 

  • Services of an employment relationship lawyer 
  • Management of the employment relationship lifecycle and statutory documentation 
  • Working hours, travel, and holiday legislation 
  • HR Due Diligence processes 
  • Change negotiations 
  • Statutory personnel plans and employee handbooks 
    • Occupational safety and action plans 
    • Equal opportunity plans 
    • Training plans 
  • Security clearances 
  • Occupational health and safety 
  • Employment and executive contracts 
    • Non-disclosure, non-compete, and intellectual property agreements 
  • Compensation models 
  • Employment relationship changes 
  • Collective bargaining agreements 
  • Salary processes and models