Startups and Growth Companies

Our core mission is to serve as an enabler for your business. We assist companies from the very beginning to evolve in a direction where funding rounds can be easily secured, and ultimately, a successful exit can be achieved as anticipated. However, this requires that the legal aspects of the company are handled correctly from the start. When this is done right, the final goal becomes much more attainable.

We act as a trusted partner for startups and growth companies in all stages of their business, from company formation to planning and executing funding rounds, all the way to the exit. 

We also provide advisory services to investors and funds during funding rounds and exits.

Our services include: 

  • Company formation and related negotiations and agreements 
  • Drafting of articles of association 
  • Board meetings and general meetings 
  • Planning and implementation of option programs 
  • Design and implementation of other incentive schemes 
  • Fundraising, funding rounds, and negotiations with investors 
  • Exit planning, advisory, and execution