Ramezan Puhto

Osakas, OTM, luvan saanut oikeudenkäyntiavustaja

040 415 1116

My primary expertise lies in corporate law, specifically in contract law and dispute resolution. 

I have also served as an advisor to several companies in various corporate and contractual structuring related to franchise operations and other business matters, including business, corporate, and share transactions, as well as associated dispute resolutions. 

I advise and represent my clients in contract negotiations, court proceedings, arbitration, and settlement negotiations. I handle my clients’ affairs with a determined approach, aiming to build and maintain long-term client relationships. 

In addition to my professional work, I am writing a doctoral thesis on corruption offenses, and I have been involved in a research project at the Prime Minister’s Office titled ’Bribery in International Business: The Current State and Needs for Regulation, Application Practices, and Training.’ 

As described by a client: ’We have collaborated with Ramezan on several occasions. The service and cooperation have always been seamless. I highly recommend Ramezan.’